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90 Minutes from LAX, California

Text/Call 1.917.836.9749

IG: @dkracingschool


LEVEL 1 Beginner through level 5 ADVANCED


We have proof that most of our students shave seconds off their times. We're talking dramatically. There is no better or quicker way than learning from Champions. There are many things that we here, at DK Racing School, do differently . We know that Preparation is Key and Gaining a sense of Familiarity with not only the Racetrack but with the People we are enjoying it with BEFOREHAND, is crucial to a making a DK Precision Driving School successful. We pride ourselves of being inclusive of everyone, in all makes and models of cars. The success of our DK Racing School has been reflected by the fact that so many of our students have come back to the next schools, over and over again. They have seen the concrete and measurable results we have provided through just taking several DK Racing Schools. Our main mission is to provide the correct and fastest way to drive a racetrack, so there is no waste in tires, money and time at future events.


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We hold a DRIVER'S ZOOM MEETING a few days ahead of our DK Precision Driving Schools. This helps build a sense of camaraderie and shortens the length of the Morning Driver's Meeting. This is also the opportunity to meet your Champion Instructors. We've also had special guests like Ross Bentley join us.

We send out a DETAILED EXPLANATION VIDEO of the Track we are driving (Either the 2.5 Mile Big Willow or the Streets of Willow) a few weeks before our DK Precision Driving School. We stop before each Turn and explain the exact approach, braking and cornering points and then demonstrate how each corner needs to be driven. Then we do a few laps to implement. Repetition is Key. Studying these videos gives a strong head start and familiarizes you with the track.

We provide a 1.5 HOUR DETAILED TRACK WALK that occurs on the morning of. This track walk is led by 7x Champion Dwain Dement, who has over 100,000 Laps at Big Willow

SMALL GROUP INSTRUCTION WITH CHAMPION INSTRUCTORS such as Dwain Dement, Martina Kwan, Rick Knoop, and Denise Longwell. The first session is a lead-follow. Thereafter, you receive 1:1 Coaching with Champion Instructors who will show you the exact right way to do things.

We are the only school in the World that guarantees that Level 1-3 FEMALE DRIVERS will receive instruction from FEMALE CHAMPION INSTRUCTORS such as Martina Kwan and Denise Longwell

By the Way, ALL CARS MAKES AND MODELS ARE WELCOME. Not just Porsches. We've had Drift Champion Don Shredda join us in his Nissan Drift Car, and Drag Racer Tatiana Weiss. We've had Jeeps, Ford Focus, Audi, Alfa Romeo SUV's, AMG, BMW, Dodge, Corvettes join us and Mini Coopers. All are welcome to learn in the comfort of their own cars. .

We recognize that FOOD, SNACKS AND HYDRATION are a crucial component for concentration, performance and enjoyment. This is why we provide Snacks galore, a catered Lunch at the Track, and a catered dinner at our Vision Motorsports Ranch/DK Racing School Facility right outside the gate of Willow Springs.


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