90 Minutes from Los Angeles, California

Text/Call 1.917.836.9749

IG: @dkracingschool

90 Minutes from LAX, California

Text/Call 1.917.836.9749

IG: @dkracingschool



DK Racing School is the only school certified to issue Porsche Owners Club Licenses outside of the POC Organization. DK Racing School is also accredited in FIA Licensing. Located just 90 Minutes from LAX, this is the ideal location to learn.

DK Racing School is located at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA at 3491 75th Street W. Our Schools feature Champion Instructors Dwain Dement and Martina Kwan.

DK Racing School is the perfect place to learn how to race, or to hone in on and practice the skills you've already gained.

The 2 Day Intensive Curriculum includes our approved 2 Day Race Licensing Curriculum:

  1. Each Day includes 7 On Track Sessions, including 2 Races

  2. 2 Australian Pursuit Races to practice Passing Techniques

  3. 2 50 Minute Races including different FIA Flag Scenarios

  4. Coaching Feedback by Champion Instructors

  5. Importance of Safety and Sportspersonlike Behavior on and off the Track

  6. Each Day includes On Track Race Starts including Emphasis on Turn 1 Safe Entry

  7. Day 1 includes a 1.5 Hour Track Walk including Advanced Cornering/Braking Techniques and Car Dynamics

  8. Day 1 On Track Familiarization Session

  9. Day 1 Timed Stop Watch Practice Getting In and Out of Car

  10. Day 1 On Track Advanced Braking and Throttlesteering

  11. Day 1 On Track Safe Passing Under Braking Exercise

  12. Day 1 On Track Return to Throttle Faster

  13. Day 2 Advanced Data Analysis

  14. Day 2 On Track Safe Passing and Sportspersonlike Behavior on Track and as a Representative of a Team. Instructors on Track observing moves and behavior

  15. Day 2 On Track Open Practice

  16. Day 2 On Track Implementation of Racecraft Techniques

  17. Day 2 Australian Pursuit Race

  18. Day 2 Final Open Track Practice before Race

  19. Day 2 50 Minute Practice Race including Pit Stop and Driver Change Practice (same driver will practice getting out, and getting back in)

  20. Award Ceremony for those who are deemed to be Mentally, Physically and Emotionally Ready to behave and race in a Safe and Professional Manner

Please email Martina Kwan at for the 2 Day Schedule Details.


WED/THU MAY 22-23, 2024 - Willow Springs International Raceway - 2 Day Racing School (Option to take 1 Day) 2 Day Race Licensing School preceding Porsche Owners Club May Event at Big Willow


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